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Company Profile

C.G. Lighting is a major manufacturer and global exporter of high-quality contemporary lighting  in Asia.

Established in 1992, the Hong Kong-based company produces modern,
distinctive lights used by professional designers, architects and homeowners worldwide.

From desk and floor lamps, ceiling and wall lights, outdoor lights, track lights and spot lights, the design concept is clear: the right lighting creates the right mood, whether for industrial, professional or home use.

C.G. Lighting, which boasts a 700 strong workforce in China, owes its success to quality workmanship, innovative design and long-term partnerships with established distributors in more than 20 countries.

Safety is also key. The company's engineering and research and development staff in Hong Kong and China work closely with the most reputable
  safety standard organizations in the world including United Laboratories (UL) of the United States and Semko of Sweden.

This international cooperation ensures that each C.G. Lighting product meets -- indeed exceeds -- the world's highest safety standards.

By setting industry standards for innovative design, quality workmanship and safety and by introducing new product lines each year for both the professional and consumer market,
C.G. Lighting is fast becoming one of the most recognized manufacturers of lights and related products worldwide.
  CG Lighting’s expertise in managing a wide range of lamp sources such as halogen , fluorescent, discharge and leds make it also a preferred partner for OEM development from various
well-known manufacturers and designers worldwide.

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Pierre Gabison
Managing Director
C.G. Lighting Limited
Hong Kong