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Sixpak LED 18W
Reference 1413

Spot light


LED 18W (6x3W) white with 15 degree lens
Available with track adaptor for
• Ref. 1413A - Easytec II flexible track
• Ref. 1413B - 3-circuit track
100V-240V ~ 50Hz
Including electronic driver 700mA
Excellent heat dissipation
Life time: 30,000 hrs
Colour: White, Silver, Black
Cool White: 1025 Flux (Im), 5000-5650 CCT (K)
Neutral White: 960 Flux (Im), 4100-4500 CCT (K)
Warm White: 800 Flux (Im), 2850-3050 CCT (K)

    • LED
    • Class I

    Download files
    - Photometric data (IES / PDF)
    - Colorimetric data (PDF)