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Reference 1604A / 1604AD / 1604CT

Wall light


Ref. 1604A - 17W - Non-dimmable version 
Ref. 1604AD - 17W - Dimmable version 
Ref. 1604CT - 13W Color toning version

Zigen / Sharp LED 17W DGB 3000K 1700 lumen for white version CRI>90
Zigen / Sharp LED 13W colour toning 3000K to 2000K 900 lumen at 3000K for white version CRI>92
Including dimmable or non-dimmable driver 500mA
(350mA for colour toning)
Lifetime 30,000 hrs
2700K, 3000K or 4000K available for 17W version
Colour: White, Silver, Black,
Soft brushed brass

 New dimmable Zigen / SHARP LED
(Color toning)
From 3000K at full power, the LED colour temperature will gradually go down to 2000K when the LED is dimmed. When dimmed, the LED provides the same warm tones as a dimmed halogen or incandescent light

    • LED
    • Class I

    Download files
    17W 3000K
    - Photometric data (IES / PDF)
    - Colorimetric data (PDF)
    13W color toning
    - Photometric data (IES / PDF)
    - Colorimetric data (PDF)