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Square Rock 92 9W Colour toning
Reference 1638SC / 1638SB



Ref. 1638SC - With fixing clips
Ref. 1638SB - With blades
Zigen / Sharp LED 9W colour toning CRI>92
3000K to 2000K 550 lumen at 3000K
Constant current 250mA
Tc 78°, guaranteed L70 lifetime 30,000hrs
With 30, 60 deg reflector
Rotation angle: +-18 deg.
Including connection box
Driver not included
(constant current 250mA, voltage range including 26-40V)
Colour: White, Silver, Black

Compatible drivers (Class II)
220V-240V HEP LMTC10W250-Z
dimmable driver 250mA

New dimmable Zigen /  SHARP LED
From 3000K at full power, the LED colour temperature will gradually go down to 2000K when the LED is dimmed. When dimmed the LED provides the same warm tones as a dimmed halogen or incandescent light.

    • LED
    • Class III