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OEM Products

C.G. Lighting, with its own manufacturing plant in China is a preferred partner
for OEM business for various well-known and established manufacturers and designers worldwide.

Our factory has several internal departments that allow us to have not only the highest grade of efficiency and quality but also an unequalled control over the production and goods.

From receiving simple drawings and designs of ideas, we develop, assess and calculate costs in our R&D and Engineering departments. First mock-up samples can be made within a few days or case by case even in a day with the use of our Rapid Prototyping Machine.

Our metal department consists of 50 metal stamping machines, 7 CNC machines, 5 lathe machines, 5 milling machines and 18 surface polishing machines. Various other metal processing machines are being used in the factory. Our plastic department consists of 13 injection machines and an in house plastic tooling.
  Processed metal or plastic parts will pass through our “state of the art” dust free spray painting department. With 4 automated painting lines and 5 manual spray painting chambers we assure the highest spray and lacquering finishing. For powder coating, products will pass through our automated powder coating lines.

7 production lines give us a capacity of 300.000 lamps per month with a very flexible and well organized production allowing us to assemble of up to 30 different products per day. Our items are tested for reliability, quality and conformity in our QA & QC departments under strictest regulations and guidelines.

CG Lighting’s expertise in managing a wide range of lamp sources such as halogen, fluorescent, discharge and LEDs and a wide range of materials such as extruded plastic and aluminium,
  stamped metal, die-cast aluminium and zinc alloy , injected plastic, glass etc…make it an ideal choice for OEM development.

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We look forward to working with you.
Pierre Gabison
Managing Director
C.G. Lighting Limited
Hong Kong