Design Philosophy

The idea of light as well-being

Simplicity, elegance and timeless designs reflect our philosophy.

C.G. Lighting focuses intensively on innovative designs. Our designs are combined with the latest technology of light sources, such as LED. From colors, forms to top-notch materials, each feature rounds up and strengthens our portfolio of lamps. As a leading company in our visually appealing products, we do not believe in trend following. Our motive strives to be the pioneer in the development of lamp designs.

Simplicity, elegance and timeless designs reflect our philosophy: dedication and passion for light and to be at its best for the commercial, residential or architectural environment. C.G. Lighting is the result of an ongoing pursuit and development in designs over a time span of more then 27 years. Having a general collection our focus in the past years lies on architectural lighting.

To that end we are committed to create new product lines that truly reflect, the “future of light”.


Yours faithfully,
Philippe Stephant